Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glock G19: World's most popular 9mm compact

For those who know about guns, the G19 is synonymous in the gun world as probably the best selling 9mm compact for both recreational use and concealed carry.

The technicals for the gun are quite nice as a conceal carry weapon. Measuring in at 6.85 inches long and 5  inches high, the gun can comfortably fit in a holster for all occasions but glocks in general are smaller due to the internal firing pin setup. The gun is also very light, weighing in at 595 grams unloaded with a 15 bullet capacity magazine. This is all due in part to a complete polymer frame.

Priced very attractively at around $550 dollars, you can't really go wrong with a glock as it has attained the mark as probably THE most dependable firearm in the world. I for one am not that big of a glock fan because I prefer stainless steel guns and something a bit more aesthetic, but a glock is a great all around choice for those who choose to take that route.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

First Post: The watchman creates a gun blog

For those who like guns, I have started a gun blog for fun. Apart from watches, shooting pistols is one of my hobbies. Hope you guys enjoy!

I currently own a H&K P30L with night sights and a Springfield Loaded 1911 45 acp in stainless steel